Logo… CupWorks.net
This is a blog about game development and other nerdy stuff for all those who are or want to become developers or are for their own reasons interested in these topics. Our goal? Mainly, we want to spread knowledge, and secondly, we have some crazy ideas in mind which we want to share with the world. By the way, by ‘developers’, we don’t only mean pure coders, but also the artists and game designers and all kinds of other people behind the games. You get the picture.
The posts on CupWorks.net are written and maintained by The Cup and his Army of Clone Cups. They will feature many different topics, from lectures and tutorials to gaming goodies.

… The Cup
Christoph “The Cup” Becher is an eager young nerd, who has been a gamer and developer ever since his teens and therefore studied game development. After having worked as a freelancer for quite a while, he is now part of a company in the game industry. His focus is on software architecture and server development.
Ambitious as he is, though, that is not enough for him, which is why he has many side projects, one of them being this blog.
On top of that, he is also a passionate instructor who enjoys seeing young people rise and shine with his help.
You can check him out on LinkedIn and Xing.

And who are these Clone Cups you keep talking about?
The Army of Clone Cups consists of people ignited by the idea of CupWorks.net, assisting the Cup in any way possible with maintaining the blog. They are not necessarily all game developers, but pretty sure all of them are nerdy as heck as well. Oh, and they are reaching for world domination, of course.
In addition, we will soon feature profiles of the Clone Cups.