Clone Cup #0
Name The Cup
aka Christoph Becher
About “I am the mastermind behind CupWorks and the Army of Clone Cups. Just call me The Cup! As everyone knows, madness and genius are close to each other and that’s how the nerd and the developer part in me behave. After having worked as a freelancer for quite a while, I am now part of a company in the game industry. My focus is on software architecture and server development. Ambitious as I am, I have many side projects, one of them being this blog. On top of that, I am also a passionate instructor and I enjoy seeing young people rise and shine with my help.
You can check me out on LinkedIn and Xing.”
Clone Cup #451
Name Nut Cup
aka Alita Pantea
About “I am a more than slightly crazy nut, which is why they call me Nut Cup. I’m studying linguistics and philosophy in Bremen and I have just arrived back in Germany after a semester on the beautiful little rock island Malta. I am no developer, but I identify as a gamer and nerd, so I am convinced to fit in perfectly.”
Clone Cup #47
Name Flausch Cup
aka Jasmin Angélique Köhler
About “Flauschen can be used as a substitute for everything sweet, comfortable and cozy, and as I am a very spontaneous and friendly person (and as co-inventor of the word), I have been appointed as resident Flausch Cup. After completing an education as painter, I advanced through interior design up to recently finishing a degree in graphical communication design. I am actively looking for the next step on the ladder for me, and in the mean time I use my creativity and knowledge in many projects for me, friends and others. One example is the design of this blog, other can be found in my Behance profile. In my off time I am still an avid gamergirl, but also spend a lot of time with my many friends at parties and festivals.”
Clone Cup #147
Name Hitman Cup
aka Stefanie Sander
About “I am a Hitman because of my precision in focus on my aims and ambition to solve puzzles. I also be the Padawan of the Cup of the Cups, the mastermind: Christoph Becher and I’m very proud of it. Currently, I’m studying communication informatics in a small federal state called “Saarland” in Germany. I am a gamer and want to be a game developer one day, because of my love and passion for playing games and my interest in informatics. So that’s why I’m here, to support and learn from the master as much as I can.”
Clone Cup #6
Name Star Cup
aka Christina Clasen
About “I’m Clone Cup #6, the Star Cup, because of my addiction to Stars and Super Mario. I’m working as a professional photographer for geek products, events and business clients. I really like to play videogames and some retro computer games (like Monkey Island and Rollercoaster Tycoon) and I love to combine my two passions by taking photos for this blog.”