Foreword tutorials

An important component of my blog will be tutorials. This will be a mix between normal developer topics and awesome stuff. My focus is on games development, mobile, back and front end, networking and software architecture. You can also suggest topics or discuss something. Sometimes I’ll also revise and update some of my stuff. Therefore always have a look at the website, Facebook or Twitter.
In order for you to start quickly, I have summarized a few small things that you should know:

  • all the written code can be found in my GitHub repository
  • the shortcut of the project name inside the repository contains a “T” plus a number for the current tutorial and a “P” plus a number for the part (e.g. T1P1, T1P2, T2P1, …)
  • you can see the shortcut in the heading or at the beginning of the tutorial
  • some tutorials will have no code and therefore no shortcut
  • I will work a lot with C# but many things can be transferred to other languages or technologies
  • mostly I’ll dispense special IDE features or tool support so you can reproduce everything directly without the same software

It would be great if you could give me direct feedback because that helps us all.

I wish you much success with learning, testing and using my stuff.


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