Introduction – Once upon a Cube

Hello readers,

the Global Game Jam 2014 is over, so now we want to show you what we created.
First of all, though, we want to thank our team, who have accomplished incredible things in such a short amount of time. After 48 hours of work, we were very exhausted and wanted nothing more than sleep, but the result was worth it.

Here is a short introduction:

On the GGJ site you can get some more information: here

Since all of us were rather happy with our project, we decided to polish it up and eventually release it for iOS and Android. As a little ‘thank you’ to the ‘HyperCube’ team, CupWorks will bear the costs for it.
So, be patient and stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

We will post pictures from the game jam and the game during the next days on facebook. And since our ‘click’ sound and the game melody got such great feedback, you can listen to them whenever you want here:



All the best,
Christoph “The Cup” Becher

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