Introduction – radioOctive

Hello readers,

another Global Game Jam is over and few days later we have recovered from the lack of sleep.

48 hours at InnoGames headquarters in Hamburg, and teamTentacle has pulled off an amazing game. We want to thank every member of the team for the great job and staying focused until the very end.

And now you want to know more about the game?
A young octopus enters a dark secret underwater maze filled with deadly traps to save his fellows from cruel experiments. At every corner he asks himself “What do I do now?”, since there could be a deadly trap waiting for him or one of his friends. Can you help him find the exit?

As always, there is more information to be found over at The code is available as open source on our GitHub.

You want to try out the game now? Check it out now:
There are some minor bugs left, which we will work on from now, but it is already in very good shape.

If you want to get a glimpse of how the jam at InnoGames went, there is a short media coverage online.

So long and all the best,
The NutCup

P.S.: There’s an easter egg hidden in the game. Can you find it?

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